Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Discuss the film techniques that Hitchcock uses to create suspense in Essay

Discuss the film techniques that Hitchcock uses to create suspense in Psycho - Essay Example rther, the paper will describe different scenes and episodes filled with suspense and tension in this film, with a close reference to the activities that will be taking place. At the first instance, Hitchcock leads his audience in a wrong direction and makes them think that Psycho is a romantic film and that it carries a love story by presenting Sam Loomis and Marion Crane in the bedroom. Later Marion steals money from her boss and he makes the audience think that the theme of the film will be love and crime (Leitech and Poague 65). However, the theme of this movie is neither love nor crime, but it is a thriller movie. In fact, the main character in this film passes away before the film is half way. Another moment of suspense and shock is when the audience realizes that Norman Bates puts on clothes that look like those of his mother. His behavior is absurd regardless of the reasons he had for dressing like a woman. The second techniques that Hitchcock uses are false suspense. False suspense gives the audience a lot of shock because they cannot predict what will happen (Skerry 118). He created false suspense in various ways. The first instance is when a cop finds Marion sleeping in her car by the roadside. The audience expects that she will be apprehended, and the money that she was carrying taken away by the cop, but neither of these things happen. Instead, the cop allows her to drive away without suspecting anything despite her uneasiness. More false suspense emerges when the audience sees the cop following her closely behind her car, and for a moment, the audience thinks that the cop is trying to investigate the content of her bag, or even seize it for searching (Skerry 118). The second instance where Hitchcock creates false suspense is when Marion goes to buy a second-hand car. A moment of tension arises as the audience sees a cop watching her movements, especially her panicky appearance and hasty activities. Hitchcock displays another moment of suspense

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