Tuesday, March 17, 2020

effiecent freeway driving essays

effiecent freeway driving essays To what extent is a crime a hate crime? Arent all crimes to some extent hate crimes? Should the consequences for a crime committed against a minority be more than that for one against a white person? The purpose for classifying a crime as a hate crime might be to raise awareness in the public to the intolerance against minorities but I believe the punishment should fit the crime and not the reason for the crime. To a certain extent, I agree that a greater punishment is warranted in a hate crime but is one person more valued than another? If you stabbed someone, you should be charged with assault regardless of who the victim is that you stabbed. By elevating certain crimes to hate crimes, we are saying we value certain people over others and I believe this is exactly what we are trying to avoid. By fostering an atmosphere of tolerance towards all groups of people and by becoming more aware of tensions between groups, we can probably combat this issue of discrimination on a more long term basis. It is not fair to punish someone for what they are thinking or for whats in their head. The reason for the crime should not be a factor in how they are punished. You should be punished for the crime itself and not your reason. For example, if you steal a bike from the kid down the street because he hurt your sister or because he is black, you have still stolen the bike. The reason is secondary and the punishment should be for stealing a bike. Overall, obviously, hate crimes are not to be tolerated. However, to place a greater value on certain groups of people would be contrary to the environment we as a society are trying to create. ...

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